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Timeless Classic Books!!

Why should I buy public domain books from you WHEN THEY ARE FREE?

above ARE a few of the 3,000 public domain TITLES AVAILABLE

Yes, you can get public domain books FREE from Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive Digital, Public Library of America, Europeana, Feedbooks, Open Library, Manybooks, Google Book Search, and other places. And, obviously, you can get FREE books that are not public domain from your local library...

but you should still order this massive 1,000 book PUBLIC DOMAIN collection because:

  • Since they are public domain and copyright-free you can give them away or resell the entire collection for profit.

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  • You can access this entire collection in the cloud to read them or download them.

  • Each novel has been converted to digital versions in Word, ePUB, and AZW3 formats so that you can read them on any device.

  • All novels are fully editable in Word format, so they can be completely customized or rewritten into a completely different work.

  • Each novel also comes in handy PDF format for ease of reading if you don't use MS Word.

  • The collection covers all popular genres like Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Horror, Young Adult, Inspirational, Religious, Memoir, and many more!

  • You convert them into audio or video presentations.

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Refund policy: Due to the ease of downloading our product, refunds will be made only if we cannot solve any problems downloading the books. contact us at Note: Only the cover samples above are included with your order. The books are provided with generic covers only, but you can easily locate copyright-free covers from the free sites mentioned above when you need them.

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